84 min


31 Endings/31 Beginnings

31 konců/31 začátků

Directing: RAFANI Art Group


Have you ever asked yourself questions such as: Where does Prague end and where does it begin? Where is its center? What is its structure? Does it have its hidden face plunged in the darkness of the unconscious? Is it possible to take one's life and attach it to the concept of the city? Does not fullness and wealth become nothingness and dust? When and where does the enlightened reason happen to be at its end? If anyone says that the Rafani art collective tries to answer these questions, do not believe him. The film 31 Endings/31 Beginnings is based on movement. Like a child who would like to cross a river without getting wet and jumps from stone to stone, so the film jerkily, by leaps and bounds, goes on a journey and comes back again.
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