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See you tomorrow, God willing!

Hasta mañana si Dios quiere

See you tomorrow, God willing! is a happy documentary about a group of old Franciscan sisters who are disappearing. In their convent they are dealing with a demographic conflict, the same that Europe will face in the future: too many retired people and no new blood! As a result, their culture and way of living is becoming extinct.

Finally, in their eighties, these 17 ladies are retired! A stage that would be a relief for most of the people but for them, in fact, is not. All their life they have been looking after the ones at risk of social exclusion -prostitutes, mistreat women, abandoned kids and homeless- but now they have become old and the Mother Superior asked them to take care of themselves. But their low pensions don’t cover the expenses of the community. For that reason they have rented the ground floor to a private child daycare service. Every morning a procession of parents come to the convent with their kids, and every day a marathon takes place in the corridors to open the front door in time. But most of them are lame so this quotidian task become a festival of bells ringing, babies crying, crutches and rosaries!

Being at home, pray and do the household duties don’t seem the most exciting thing to do for women who have been living in the jungle, helping homeless or working in the surgery room. To spend a considerable amount of time with their sisters is a huge challenge for them!

A long corridor covered by lights and shadows connects their cells. The corridor witness what unify and divide them. These 17 lame sisters are authentic, they have plenty free time and finally, a new Pope speaks out what they have been thinking for long! If the Pope is a news maker, these nuns are a fabric of headlines!

They are old. They are dying. Their community won’t exist for long.
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