90 min

In production

Practices in Harmony


Directing: Anna Kis


Domi is a 20 year-old outstanding cello talent. Elegant, sophisticated, self- confident. Someone all perfection. Beni is a 20 year-old extremely talented pianist. A rackless teenager, insecure and omnipotent, often changing his mind and his moods. Someone full of passion. Our movie tells the coming of age story of their obsessive friendship. However different their personalities are, the two boys stubbornly stick together. While Domi aims to become a world-famous solo artist, Beni's unrestful character does not allow him manage his own talent well enough. Domi conquers people with his faultless confidence, but his perfection can be suffocating. Beni fights back by making himself so lovable, but suffers a lot from endlessly measuring himself to others. Both have some important quality that the other one lacks, but probably misses very much to complete his own artistic self. Beside their excellence in the elite empire of classical music, they are also ordinary teenagers simply killing time with friends, playing computer games and enjoying jokes. Through their sizzling battles over mutual commitment, love and acknowledgment we watch them grow up into two very different types of artists. Jealousy heats up when Tara, Domi's intimate childhood friend is accepted into the gang and Beni falls in love with her. Domi has to face the painful fact that there is a new adult bond between his two best friends, out of which he necessarily has to stay out. Meanwhile Domi seems to conquer international stages, and Beni has to realize that he is lagging behind his own opportunities. At this level Domi has to find a new piano partner and might leave Beni behind. Plans, prospects and romances come and go, and they are suddenly 24. Changes are now both audible and visible. The ease of youth starts to dissolve in front our eyes and difficulties are about to harden into permanent patterns. Can a tormenting friendship survive if its fundamental base – playing music together – fades away?
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