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Pongo Story

The story of a successful Roma family which had left the Czech Republic for Britain 12 years ago as a result of discrimination. Daughter Ivetka carries the weight of her family’s dreams and aspirations on her shoulders as she prepares to apply for university. Her older brothers are looking for ways to find a niche in the adult world, building young families and with an eye out for a decent job. They become British. But their ambitions are threatening to upset the unity of a traditional Roma family. Father Pišta is becoming more and more involved in public issues. He is organising humanitarian fund-raising projects to help Slovak Roma living in ghettos where life reminds one of the Middle Ages with extreme poverty and never-ending mud. When the Czech populist President recently condemned Czech Roma for not working, Pišta organised a massive campaign where Roma people flooded the social networking webs with personal photos of them working. Mother Iveta stands steadfast by her husband ́s side although she isn ́t too happy that he spends an increasing amount of time away from the family. Moreover, Pišta has decided to help a Slovak family he came across living in an eastern Slovakian slum in their attempts to reach their Promised Land by living in Britain. The story of the Pongo shows the pitfalls of the integration of a minority ethnic group into the majority within a community for which the Central and Eastern European ethnically homogeneous societies are not prepared for as yet. To the contrary, the formal colonial empire is used to the mixing of nationalities and even has tailored laws and social system for them. As a backdrop to our story though, the British Isles are facing a different challenge. Brexit is a reflection of an ethnically diverse society where different communities live in peace next to each other, searching for a joint identity which would unite East European Roma with their Pakistani neighbours, Scottish fishermen or farmers of Kent.
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