80 min

In development

Velvet Generation

Directing: Ivana Hucíková


Velvet Generation provides an insight into the lives, accomplishments and everyday struggles of young members of the LGBTQIA+ community from Eastern Europe. Our main protagonists (Luky, Liberty and Anton) met at a local ball and found their community among dancers, drag queens and other queer performers. Each of them is unique and expresses what it means to be queer in a distinctive way. The search for their place in the modern world unfolds against the backdrop of an emerging Czech and Slovak ballroom scene.

The film begins at a small local ball in Bratislava, Slovakia. We meet all our protagonists there. Luky as a competitor in performance categories, Liberty as part of the crowd and a support for her friend and Anton as one of the judges. From there we'll see them grow up from irresponsible teenagers to independent young adults, we will follow their journey to discover their own voice or witness the bloom of queer love manifested in a beautiful realtionship. At the end, Luky, Liberty and Anton will go on a road trip to a big international ball in Paris together with the rest of their ballroom house. Compared to where we had seen them at the beginning of the movie, we will be able to understand just how much they have grown in between - as a community, as performers and as individuals.

The narrative focus will be mainly on personal stories of the protagonists and the ballroom will be used as a frame for their story arcs and also as a place, where they meet as performers and as a community as well.
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