The Zimov Hypothesis

Retour à l'âge de glace, L'hypothèse de Zimov

Directing: Denis Sneguirev


Russian geophysicist Sergei Zimov has devoted his life to a large-scale scientific project. He believes that the only way to prevent a catastrophic scenario is to return the Siberian ecosystem to the way it was when permafrost originated. To put his hypothesis into practice, he has created a nature reserve – the Pleistocene Park – covering several hundred square kilometres. Together with his son, he is attempting to restore the population of horses, reindeer, bison and other large herbivores, to imitate the conditions that prevailed here a million years ago, when Siberia was ruled by megafauna. Denis Sneguirev’s film captures the lonely, demanding and often dangerous lives of both men who – hidden from public view – are fighting to save the world.
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