20 min


Everything flows

Panta Rei

Directing: Nisvet Hruštić


The documentary movie PANTA REI ("Everything Flows," an old Greek proverb by Heraclites) is about the "birth and death" of seasons in the eyes of children. Ibrahim and Amra Hrustic are playing carelessly in their settlement in different seasons. They are picking flowers, looking at their dearest trees, going on the same path. While they are looking at the coming of spring, summer, autumn and winter, they are admiring them. But, when a season is undergone they feel sadness. The honeybees and butterflies are flying in front of their eyes, the grass is being mowed, the jam is being made, and the last leaflet is falling from the bough. When the winter comes, they are playing on the snow and making the snowman. But suddenly they realize that their favorite tree is being cut, the snowman is being dissolved; that imagination is far from reality.There is no speech in the film, so that greater illusion is created utilizing pictures and sounds.
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