Wave vs. Shore

Vlna vs. breh

Wave vs. Shore is a documentary about the extraordinary generation of Slovak photographers, who got together at FAMU in Prague at the beginning of the 1980s and enriched the fine art photography by unconventional energy, playfulness and unchained imagination. Very quickly, the critics started referring to them as the Slovak New Wave. Martin Štrba, one of them, visits and interviews his friends and colleagues and reconstructs the atmosphere of the period. Jano Pavlík, Rudo Prekop, Vasil Stanko, Tono Stano, Martin Štrba, Miro Švolík, Kamil Varga and Peter Župník brought a completely new creative vision of artistic photography and are still active today, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and abroad, they have continued to influence the development of the art of photography. It is an unconventional documentary, formally following the inventiveness and playfulness of the film protagonists’ artistic approaches.
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