91 min,

52 min


The Case of Johanna Langefeld

Przypadek Johanny Langefeld

Directing: Wladek JurkowGerburg Rohde-Dahl


Krakow, Poland 1946. Johanna Langefeld a highest ranking female SS-guard at KL Auschwitz and Ravensbruck escapes from prison where she waited for Nazi crimes trial. The filmmakers discover that her escape was organized by her former victims - Polish prisoners of the concentration camp. They not only helped her to avoid death sentence but also hid her for ten years from the Polish authorities and, in 1957, smuggled her back to Germany.
The story was kept secret for many years because its disclosure threatened punishment, both for the German SS-guard, as well as for Polish survivors.
Why did Holocaust survivors helped an SS-woman avoid death sentence? The filmmakers explore circumstances of this escape, to find out who Johanna Langefeld was and why Polish woman decided to give her freedom.


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