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Czech Peace

Český mír

Directing: Filip RemundaVít Klusák


The story of the Star Wars, the Cold War and the War On Terror of one small Czech village. As part of its National Missile Defense Program, the US plan to build a military base in the Czech Republic, a former hiding place for Soviet nuclear rockets during the Cold War. Despite the fact that 73% of Czechs are against the project, the government has continued with negotiations. Supporters of the base claim that it will strengthen the country's defense against the global threats of the 21st century. Opponents point out that the plan essentially shifts the Iron Curtain toward the east; they also insist that it represents an attempt of the US to rule the world.


Czech Dream – Klusák and Remunda retrospective in Moscow
13. 8. 2018

Czech Dream – Klusák and Remunda retrospective in Moscow

From 19th to 23rd September 2018 three Moscow cinemas – Kosmos, Fakel and Youth – will screen 8 films by Czech documentary filmmakers Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda as part of a directorial retrospective called Czech Dream.
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