93 min


Ostrov - Lost Island

Directing: Svetlana Rodina


On the island of Ostrov in the Caspian Sea the inhabitants, left alone by the Russian state after the collapse of the Soviet Union, survive through poaching. Ivan regularly goes out to sea risking his life and freedom. The inhabitants of Ostrov, like all the Russian people, are thus subjected daily to the lies of a propaganda. Thus, an ultra-nationalist narrative is woven around the victory over Nazism during the “Great Patriotic War”, the invincibility of Russia, a strong and powerful army recreated by the will of President Putin. In a television show the president plays the role of the savior of the Russian people, in the face of an aggressive West that lost its values. In addition to the political aspect, the film’s empathetic view also paints a touching family portrait of its protagonists, who cling to a sense of hope in their family and community.Ivan hope that Poutine once will maybe help them.The strong audiovisual approach capturing the rough natural beauty of the island underlines the cinematic potential of the film.


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