90 min

In production

Mom for Julia

Мама для Юли

Directing: Natalya Kadyrova


Julia's mother Anna was pregnant when she killed a man, that's why Julia was born in prison. She is 3 when she gets a foster mother. Natasha, a well-educated resident of Moscow, decides to take Julia and care about her while Anna (biological mother) is in prison. Natasha isn't sure that Anna would really take the child back. If she decides to leave Julia with her, Natasha would be more than happy. But if Anna takes Julia back? Natasha seems to be ready for this situation, but she prefers not to think about the future. 
Julia has lived with Natasha for 2 years when suddenly the third mom, Lena, appears in her life. Lena is Julia's aunt, and Anna's sister. She didn't want to take Julia before, but then she changes her mind and decides it would be better for the girl to live with her biological family. Lena takes Julia away. Julia accepts Lena as mother and starts calling her “mom”, because she often heard that her Mom would come and take her. When Julia is 6, her biological mother Anna is released from prison and Julia must move again. Very soon she forgets that she called Lena "mom". Now she feels she has only one mom, Anna. Lena is jealous and complains to Natasha that Anna isn't good enough mother for Julia. Anna has problems finding a job, then she gets involved with a “wrong man” and starts drinking. But she doesn't want to separate from her daughter and julia also wants to live with her. Now three women fight for Julia and blame each other. Natasha wants to take Julia back, but she is not sure, that it’s really good for the child. Julia is a girl, she is not a toy… and now she is almost 7. Actually, they all face a moral dilemma, how to behave in this situation to benefit the child. The last scene is the first school day. Julia is 7. And only one mom is there with her on this important day.
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