61 min


Women's Lust

Die Lust der Frauen

Directing: Gabi Schweiger


The film is about the sexual desires of women of a certain age and their daily struggle to preserve these newly won freedoms. The protagonists are five women from various walks of life who have a variety of needs. This film deals with ways of viewing one’s own aging body, the difficulties involved with various couplings, differences relating to culture or age, impotence and how to work around it creatively. Of particular significance is the aspect of overcoming barriers thrown up by society and crass moral concepts, which all the protagonists are forced to struggle with, whether neighbors’ eyes popping out or their own children turning away in disgust. And in conclusion the film has something to say about courageous self-actualization and self-determination with regard to one’s own aging body, a theme we will all be confronted with some day.
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