In production

No Women no Revolution

Brez ┼żensk ni revolucije

What makes the Rojava revolution worldwide unique is the central role that women play in this struggle for equality. The women believe that true equality and freedom are only possible if they have the same rights as men. To achieve this they organize themselves independently, such as in women councils, where they practice a democratic self-government on a local level.
The film follows three young Kurdish women and, through them, show how the society in Rojava transforms.
The starting point is the Women Security Forces Academy (a kind of alternative police unit), where 90 young women receive training and education. We see them in their hard military life, but also follow them in their daily lives with their families and their traditional background. My goal is to accompany these women in their search for freedom, especially after completing their education at the academy. Here I will show them in their mostly traditional surroundings and how they will deal with the expectations of their families and their interaction with and reactions of men.
Through a long term observation of at least two years, I will create on the one side a time document of the transformation of the Rojava society, and on the other side an intimate and moving portrait of eager, ambitious, but also internally torn characters.
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