25 min


Village B.

Obec B.

Directing: Filip Remunda


A documentary film about Blšany - the world's smallest village with a premiere league soccer team, located in Central Bohemia - consists of two different views. One of them is the view of the filmmakers, the other one is the view of Mr. Tříska, an amateur film producer. Mr. Tříska also becomes our guide through the mysterious world of the village that has been affected by two completely different political systems. Nostalgia for some advantages of socialism clashes with the reflections of consumerism. The producer also lets Mr. Tříska freely recall his memories while sitting in his living room... The documentary is not only a simple patchwork of these two views, but is also interconnecting them, and involving thrill. The crew shoots a scene with an unemployed man in front of his house. However, appeal is added to this scene thanks to Mr. Tříska and his recording of a family describing their household. One of the most intense moments in the film is the scene in which protagonists reassemble a high-end vacuum cleaner... The presence of the village film producer brings a dynamic element into the film. Mr. Tříska drives through the village in his green Trabant, he shoots pictures of families in front of their houses, records the pastor delivering a speech during the Sunday service, and interviews Czech football tycoon Chvalkovský. He also visits the municipal office as the mayor thanks the football team of Blšany. Village B won the Best Short Documentary Film Award at the 2002 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.


Czech Dream – Klusák and Remunda retrospective in Moscow
13. 8. 2018

Czech Dream – Klusák and Remunda retrospective in Moscow

From 19th to 23rd September 2018 three Moscow cinemas – Kosmos, Fakel and Youth – will screen 8 films by Czech documentary filmmakers Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda as part of a directorial retrospective called Czech Dream.
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