48 min



Directing: Francesco Carrozzini


In the small town of Suprasl in northeast Poland, behind the fa├žade of an ordinary house that was once a Communist Party HQ, we discover the Wierszalin theatre and its company. Italian filmmaker Francesco Carrozzini discovered them in New York, when they came to perform Saint ?dipus, in a production that subtly combined the Greek tragedy with Thomas Mann's book The Holy Sinner. Highly impressed, the young filmmaker persuaded the director, Piotr Tomaszczuk, to let him follow them back to Poland to make a documentary about their developing a new play, Nijinsky's God. Wierszalin takes us right into the enclosed theatre world in which the company explores art, spirituality and sexuality not only through the prism of the stage and their performance, but also through the personal lives of the actors.

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