Lessons of Love

Lekcja Miłości

In Cafe Smile - a dancing club for seniors in Szczecin, Poland, glamorous Jola is the brightest star on the dancefloor. But behind her cheerfulness there’s a tragic story – 30 years with an alcoholic husband, raising 6 children on her own, working hard to survive. Jola suddenly realizes that she has little time left and she decides to experience some joy before dying. “This part of life belongs to me! – says Jola and runs away from the marital nightmare to her hometown Szczecin, to take control over her life. Finally, she can do what she’s always dreamt of: she meets up with her best friends, she dances, writes poems and songs. In Jola’s eyes, the world is always romantic, colorful, dramatic, exaggerated, grotesque even. Such are her costumes, make-up, decorations in her house, as well as her songs.
Jola's romantic imagination is present in this observational documentary, in the form of staged opera scenes. These parts will introduce us to Jola’s deepest dreams, dilemmas and fears.
Many of Jola’s songs often speak of love – something that Jola strongly believes in, yet never truly experienced. Jola has no faith in men, but to her surprise, a strong feeling appears between her and Wojtek, an attractive man from Café Smile. The problem is, that in Italy, there is still Bogdan, Jola’s husband, to whom she promised lifelong fidelity in front of God. “A vow is a vow” believes Jola.

Will she leave her past behind and accept new love? Will she give herself a right to joy despite her religious beliefs? Will it make her happy?
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