80 min

Post production

Towards the Sun

W stronę słońca

Directing: Agnieszka Kokowska


Kasia and Robert, lived in a comfortable house in Warsaw (Poland), with their three kids, Tytus (4y/o), Tymon (8y/o), and Leon (10y/o). The Covid-19 pandemic showed them how distant they had been from each other as a family, triggered them to give up the status quo and social norms, and start to look for new ways to build deeper relations within the family. Inspired by the idea of living here and now, they sold the home where they had raised their kids, quit their corporate jobs, bought an RV, and started the journey of their life to become closer to each other.
The transformative change in the lives of our lead characters allows us to have a closer look at the deep relationships in their family. While traveling in the RV with very limited space and a lack of personal space, the parents begin to doubt the rightness of their decisions and miss their old home, where they can no longer return. They live through moments of happiness and fulfillment, but also friction and conflict in their family.
The real challenge is the growing up of the boys who feel as though they are held hostage by their parents' decisions. Each family member is changing during their journey, which becomes the destination in itself, as they don’t have a set point on the map. Changing horizon is the background to the emotional adventure that accompanies the family.
The film speaks about the complexity of relationships. It's an honest family portrait without Instagram filters. Moreover, it shows us that no matter how far you are going to go, you can’t escape from your inner self. Every decision has consequences and its price. What is the lesson to be learned in order to stay together? Crisis in the family and the marriage is an essential part of the transition they are all going through.
The story is full of warmth and everyday life humor cinematic portrayal, which asks fundamental questions about family and its inner dynamic. Will they find the freedom and closeness they have dreamed of?
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