In production

Day and Night

Ve dne v noci

Stromovka Park (originally the King's Royal Game Preserve) and its close environment may become a downsized model (microcosm) of the world at large in which we see Nature, Man and society generally mirrored. Over the course of one year life of specific inhabitants is caught on camera as well as the process of Nature from birth to extinction within the metaphor of the life cycle. The film isn't meant to offer an objective view but in undisguised fashion use the director's perspective: the unifying gauge and bond between the depicted realities is the director himself whose long-term relationship with the afore-mentioned space has engendered a deep emotional link from childhood right to the present. As methodology he has chosen patient observation. He asserts the feasibility of not interfering in the observed course of events and rejects manipulation with reality. The authors’ attention focuses on the most common expressions of everyday life, albeit, when it comes to it, significant in the human context.
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