60 min


Djindjic - Serbia and Democracy

Dindic - Jedna Zivotna Prica; Djindjic - Ein Leben

Directing: Dusan VelickovicChristoph Sodemann


In March 2003, Serbian Opposition politician and statesman Zoran Djindjic was shot dead in Belgrade. Hundreds of thousands came to his funeral; many now call him the JFK of the Balkans. His friend and journalist Dusan Velickovic now portrays the homo politicus Djindjic, analyzing his often disputed, multi-faceted personality. In 1997, after long months of demonstrations, Djindjic succeeded in ousting Milosevic as Mayor of Belgrade. Three years later, he was again victorious over the Serbian dictator and became the first non-Communist Prime Minister of Serbia. Ultimately, he was even a key player in handing over Milosevic to the tribunal in The Hague. Through interviews with friends, companions, Djindjic's wife Ruzica and his political rivals, as well as, Serbian archive material rarely seen internationally, Velickovic shows Djindjic's long road from dissident to Prime Minister: a man, who himself wanted to be a film director, but who was then lead by the much more exciting life of a Serbian politician down the difficult road to democracy.
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