39 min

In production


Directing: Katarzyna HertzJan Szewczyk


The film begins on the late summer of 2017, when the political conflict in Poland escalates, engulfing to the eastern edges of the country - Białowieża, where a small part of the last primeval forest in Europe is located. In June, the Minister of Environment, Jan Szyszko, gives permission for mass logging in the UNESCO protected parts of the area, causing protests among the environmentalists. The logging spreads and continues during the year, despite European Tribunal warnings of sanctions.

Dan, the 18 y. o. boy with an autism spectrum strolls through the forest dressed up as a mixture of Superman, knight, and Batman. He calls himself the Guardian of the Forest. In his reality, there is just yesterday, today and tomorrow. He can only count to 3. He doesn’t plan anything further than few days ahead. He is the king of his time and space.

Summer ends. Dan has to go back to school in a small town nearby the forest. He changes his role and now he becomes the famous polish football player, Lewandowski. Dressed up fully, as for the final match, he attends classes together with 2 other guys his age. His teacher, Mr. Artur, takes them out to perform some different social works, like sweeping public memorial tombs or cooking for a survival camp in the forest, just in case of a catastrophe. Dan misses his father, Krystian, a filmmaker and nature documentalist, whom he rarely sees - Krystian is divorced with Dan’s mother, Joanna and always busy filming.

Dan secretly dreams of owning a camera to shoot films just like his Dad. Due to cooperation with Mr. Artur, his mother, and some friends, his wishes are slowly becoming reality - step by step, he is taught how to see the world through the camera lens, how to think of life like of a movie and finally how to tell a story of his unique bond with nature filtered through his perception. In the final part of the film, Dan directs a scene which is photographed by his father, Krystian, and gets his own film camera.
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