72 min


Faces of Agata

Twarze Agaty

Directing: Malgorzata Kozera


In-between what is warm, moist and pulsating, formed for a moment into
cells, tissues and bones, and that which is free of matter and eternal - lies the
mystery of existence. The exploration of this mystery marks the direction of
the artist Agata di Masternak's search. There is an important reason for this -
Agata was only 16 years old when she learned that she is about to die soon. A
hemangioma, a tumor located in the left half of her face - later recognised as
AVM arteriovenerous malformation - causing severe bleeding from her
mouth, nose and eyes was the reason for this prognosis. At a critical moment,
balancing between life and death, Agata asked herself - what she would like
to do if she lived to see another day? Painting was her instinctive answer. Art,
on par with the courage of the doctor who undertook the experimental
surgeries, saved her life and at the same time became her life. Many years
have passed since the diagnosis. Agata has undergone dozens of facial
surgeries. She knows the value of hope and the pain of losing it. She also
knows what it's like to live a life to the fullest, as if there was no tomorrow.



Silver Eye Award at the East Doc Platform 2023
25. 3. 2023

Silver Eye Award at the East Doc Platform 2023

The Silver Eye Award 2023 for the best feature documentary will be announced at the Ceremony during One World Film Festival & East Doc Platform's Guest Meets Guest on March 28. Look at the 10 nominated films and the International Jury.
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