72 min

Post production

Faces of Agata

Twarze Agaty

Directing: Malgorzata Kozera


Agata di Masternak was 16 years old, when she heard a sentence – she was supposed to bleed to death because of the hemangioma located in face area. Balancing between life and death and trying to survive Agata has discovered the power of creativity: ‘Painting saved me. I was born again then, I got out of the tube of paint.’ - she wrote in her diary. 20 years later she is an emerging artist focused on topics of body and trauma. The struggle with the disease is not over yet, but Agata is far from giving up. She is focused on her quest to answer some vital questions.


Silver Eye Award at the East Doc Platform 2023
25. 3. 2023

Silver Eye Award at the East Doc Platform 2023

The Silver Eye Award 2023 for the best feature documentary will be announced at the Ceremony during One World Film Festival & East Doc Platform's Guest Meets Guest on March 28. Look at the 10 nominated films and the International Jury.
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