52 min,

74 min

In production

Until the Wedding

Do ślubu

Directing: Daniel Stopa


Dorota and Kazik are getting ready for the wedding of their eldest son, Łukasz. The list of attractions that they are preparing for this ceremony is impressive: parents’ blessing for the bride and groom, a choir performance in the church, a wild boar at the wedding table, impressive decorations and a thorough renovation of the house. The main attraction is the neon ’Love’ sign designed especially by Kazik for the young couple. During the preparations the differences between them are highlighted, sometimes funny, other times – deadly serious. Kazik believes that he knows everything best and constantly commands and teases his wife. Dorota, on the other hand, entrusts her entire life and preparations to God’s providence on a pilgrimage to Jasna Góra Monastery, the most important place for Polish Catholics. 40 years together. Traditional Polish-Catholic family. A retired miner and a teacher. Throughout their lives they have always walked together. Their relationship is like an army – he is in charge, and she stands by his side like a soldier. They share an edifying and destructive force, cooperation and struggle, joy and bitter regret. Until the Wedding is a bittersweet story of a marriage that reflects on the strength that unites couples for so many years.
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