70 min

In production

It's Her Story

Egy nő története

Directing: Asia DérSári Haragonics


Virág is an independent woman in her early 40s, who recently has decided to change everything in her life. She used to be a rebellious green party member of the Parliament living a vibrant yet lonely activist life in the city of Budapest. When she turned 37 she got sick and tired of her whole way of life and decided to leave politics and to concentrate on her private life. The biggest change in her life happened, when she met her partner Nóra four years ago and they fell in love.
Virág was fighting for liberal ideals in a life situation where apart from working in executive position as a 35 years old single childless woman, she never really got a taste of what it is like to struggle with exclusion on a daily basis. Virág’s story takes us to the “other side”, as from almost one moment to the next, through her openly admitted lesbian relationship and adopted Roma child, she begins to experience all she used to fight against for in words and as an activist all throughout her political career. Being in a lesbian relationship and adopting a child from Roma origin is too much for many Hungarians to digest.
The film follows Virág (41) and Nóra (37) throughout the intense period of waiting for adoption and of becoming a family in a small Eastern European country, which is getting more and more conservative and exclusory every day. It’s her story raises important questions about how politics affects our most intimate private lives and alternates our destinies and choices.
The film follows their life through observational scenes altered with deeply intimate ‘home videos’ that Nora starts shooting of Virág and the long awaited child, when she arrives into their lives. The film is structured by Virág’s diary in which she is reacting to all these changes in her life.
Our goal is to understand and show the adversities that Virág and Nóra have to face and to talk about motherhood and all the beauties and difficulties around it, in a film of personal tone.
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