In development

Wlaldli: Our Own Island

Walaldi, náš vlastní ostrov

Waladli, Our Own Island is an anthropological essay about the refugees of the modern western society: People who leave everything behind; their well paid steady jobs and long term commitments to travel the world in search of “identity”, the meaning of life, themselves. They come to look for this in the most unlikely places; places that in principal lost its identity as the result of european colonialism, the countries of the so called third world. One of these place is a small island in the Caribbean called Antigua. It has been driven out of its own roots by the indirect ancestors of the same people, who now come here expecting a certain therapy from the space itself. Our western refugees come over here equipped with self-help books and meditation apps, they have ideas on how to learn self-love and confidence. These ideas come in contrast with the reality of the life of the island's locals. This conflict offers often absurd and comic situations, portraying the lost in itself face of the post colonialist world.
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