84 min


Istanbul United

Directing: Farid EslamOlli Waldhauer


Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, and Beşiktaş – the three biggest football clubs in Istanbul, rivals come hell or high water. The fans of each team are united by a boundless love for their home club and an indescribably rancorous hatred toward the other two. But last year’s mass demonstrations in Turkey disrupted the normal routine. After the brutal police crackdown, the original disagreement with the renovation of Taksim Square grew into a nationwide statement of opposition to the direction the country was headed in. When the time came for the greatest courage, the core of the irreconcilable fan clubs stood at the forefront of the protests. Will sworn enemies join together in their common fight? The moving audiovisual component places us in the midst of street riots and creates a parallel to the atmosphere of football stadiums.
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