101 min


73 °C

Directing: Baz Dinka Shamoun


Asia is a young Yezidi girl from Sinjar region. When terror attacked her village Ciba Sheikh Khider on August 14th 2007, she was wounded and promptly transported to the Yezidi community in Germany, where she met with Rayan and Ali, wounded children from different regions of Iraq were they had experienced bloodshed and the nation in disorder.
These children’s lives were shattered after each of them lost a part of their body in the country where violence, religious war and everyday struggle posed threat to their health and dignity. We follow Asia and her escape from the ISIS in August 2014. Asia, Ali and Rayan are united in one thing - their desire for death. Will they be able to change this destiny? All are trapped in space and time of perpetual desolation.


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