90 min



Directing: Elena Kairyte


In the pursuit to find her own place under the sun Roberta is constantly changing her home, jobs, partners and, naturally, her looks. Roberta's life is unstable and chaotic and the only friend she is truly attached to is her dog Aja. Roberta doesn’t wish for much - just to lead a quiet life and be a good person, however, she doesn’t want to be bored too.
 This duality often leads our character to self-destruction. Roberta can adapt to various life circumstances, she doesn’t have an ambition to be the best, she’s not seeking to get education, a better job or a more comfortable home. She’s perfectly conveying the spirit of the current age - of economic and spiritual instability, uncertainty and the feeling of constant change.

The film has two storylines. The first one is following Roberta’s life as time progresses. One day she is a teenager-like punk in one of Vilnius’ night clubs, the next - she’s a responsible nanny in Reykjavik. Chronologically presented Roberta’s life events give this film the sense of truth and purity.
 The second storyline consists of mesmerizing and often comic monologues of Roberta. Those are her unique insights on various topics that she presents in front of the camera. These monologues bring us closer to her world and allow us to see the world through her eyes. Roberta sincerely tells us about her relationships with parents, her childhood, her thoughts on politics, kids, and personal relationships. The monologues are particularly important because they are not staged. Often, when filming Roberta she just starts sharing her thoughts on the most intimate topics. Her unique and humble style of storytelling, the tone of her voice, allows us to have a deeper understanding of the motives behind her actions, and the feelings of her.


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