33 min




Directing: Jorge Sánchez Calderón


Gran Dani works as a fruit vendor and writes songs inspired by his daily life, which become the repertoire of his underground punk band. One day drama hits his life and hell breaks loose... Gran Dani needs to subdue his fears and find the way to master his new reality, reinventing himself. With this film my main interest was to portray Gran Dani's unique worldview and inner disharmony, knocking down all the stereotypes of the "rockumentary" genre. Instead, I propose a journey inwards, into the soul of my best friend, exploring his dreams and visions, confronting his demons and revealing a profound life philosophy. The film is a collage of video-diaries collected over a period of 13 years, found footage, interviews and animations illustrating Gran Dani's state of mind and spiritual process.



East Silver documentaries in the Visions du Réel Media Library
26. 4. 2020

East Silver documentaries in the Visions du Réel Media Library

Five titles from the East Silver catalogue are part of the Visions du Réel Media Library, available from April 25 at the online edition of the festival.
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