100 min

In production

150 Scenes of Life in Dissent in Time of New Establishment

150 scén ze života disentu v novém establishmentu

Directing: Helena PapírníkováHelena Všetečková


After 1989 we are in a period of history where the individual parts of former dissent institutionalize themselves. Some of them find their place, while others identify themselves against. Papírníková together with her friends provokes both within the old and newly established institutions, because it is the part of Czech society whose attitudes have always been deep and strong. She points her camera at her friends, heroes of dissent and underground: Stanislav Penc, Jim Čert, Milan Smrčka, Karel Schwarzenberg, Dáša Vokatá, Heryán Ladislav, Josef Cecil, František Stárek, Miroslav Skalický and others. The ease, with which she films them, allows her to approach them very closely. They are captured with humor and understanding. The piece involves a possibility of philosophical interpretation.
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