75 min


Beyond the Forest

Einst süße Heimat

Directing: Gerald Igor Hauzenberger


A historical documentary about two of the last Saxons and Landlers shot in small Carpathian villages. In his garden a old man has spread out an old patched sheet. He wants to die there and be eaten by the animals. Fifty kilometres away, a woman sits at her gravestone; she has already lived five years past the date of death that is engraved on her stone. The National Socialist regime turned them into perpetrators and into victims. With the fall of Hitler, he has also fallen. She, on the other hand, had to go into a work camp for 6 years. The film shows two very humorous, but broken people, who witnessed the disappearance of their own culture. Only at the end of their lives, they are finally willing to retell the tragic experiences of their beings.

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