Czech Republic

Punk Film

About the Company

Punk Film is full range production company and is trying to make not only commercial projects but also original films with highly artistic potential. The company is specialized in cooperation with Scandinavia and Asia, especially Bollywood. They coproduced Indian blockbuster “Rockstar” in 2011. Music video for legendary Czech band Visaci Zamek was awarded the Best music video of 2006 by Czech Music Academy and documentary “The Landscape of a Life” was awarded the Czech best documentary of 2009. Punk Film is partner of Aura-Pont agency (established by Vaclav Havel). Their best project is Cimrman DVD Edition (Czech famous theatre phenomenon) – 1.6 mil. of sold copies and Karel Zeman DVD and Blu-ray Disc edition. Punk Film is also a partner of Karel Zeman Museum in Prague.


Punk Film

Veslařský ostrov 62
147 00
Praha 4, CZ
phone: +420 777 952 066
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