About the Company

The 1986 explosion incepted the generation that was, for the first time in history, registered officially. A ‘child affected by Chernobyl’ certificate was issued to us, born in Ukraine from 1982-92. 30 years have passed, children grew up; they have got their own families and businesses now, they form a new establishment. It’s time to outline the milestones, values, priorities, and prophets of the “Ch” generation. The pioneers of ashes – this is what the first microorganisms colonizing the places of fires and natural disasters are called. The pioneers of radioactive ashes, the children of Chernobyl are building the new world upon the Empire ruins. Those growing up during disintegration, shortages, and uncertainty are still forced to pioneer. What message do we genarrate? Is our legacy going to be greater than reinvention of the wheel? By means of films and art of the “86” program we attempted to find the answers to these questions, to follow the stories of previous generations, and take a closer look at the new ones. With our curios look we are slicing the time of history and trying to find our circle on the cut.



36 Olehivska, office 410
Kyiv, UA
phone: +380632807335
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