Louth International Film Festival

About the Company

The Louth International Film Festival is proudly presented by the Louth Filmmakers Society in association with Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT). The Louth International Film Festival was established in 2019 and Patrons include Hollywood director, John Moore, and acclaimed cinematographer, Seamus McGarvey (ASC, BSC). Founded to support emerging filmmakers and celebrate creative, challenging and evocative cinema from around the globe.

Located on the East Coast of Ireland, the County of Louth is imbued with a long and rich history of arts and music, culture and folklore. This festival is a celebration of that heritage, where contemporary visual storytelling is shared through the medium of film.

Investigative, challenging and creative documentary, film drama and animation in both long and short form continue that celebration of the sharing of stories, culture and ideas. The Louth International Film Festival enjoys a diverse patronage with guests from the local community, film industry representatives, visiting filmmakers, students and film enthusiasts from all walks of life. We acknowledge the diverse, inquiring and critical audience that is our community, brought together through the arts.

The festival is made possible in part by support from Create Louth, Dundalk Credit Union and donations from the local community.

Dundalk native and Hollywood director, John Moore, had this to say about the fourth edition,

“Everyone is from somewhere: but we like to reach out to everywhere - local film festivals do this, they bring the wide world to us all and add their own special local magic. Louth is a small county with a huge sense of magic, of history of story: I wish them continued success with their world-class festival and continue to support them and cheer them to the rafters”.
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