Yerevan State Institute of Theatre & Cinematography (YSITC)

About the Company

Yerevan State Institute of Theatre & Cinematography (YSITC) is Armenia’s top training institutions in the fields of Stage and Screen Arts. It was founded in 1944 as Institute of Theatrical Arts, from 1952 as Institute of Theatre and Fine Arts, since 1994 Yerevan State Institute of Theatrical Arts Beginning from 1999 being renamed Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography it’s still the only public and state-run institution of its kind in the country.
At present the education is carried out within 3 Faculties (of Theatre; of Cinema Television and Animation; of Arts History, Theory of Arts and Arts Management) in 9 specialities and several specializations, such as: Art of Acting (actor of -dramatic theatre; musical theatre; pantomime theatre; puppet theatre; variety and circus; television hosting), Directing (drama theatre;, musical theatre; variety and public celebrations), Cinematographic Art (feature film; documentary film; animation; television; sound), Drama Studies, Literary Work, Cinematography, Painting (design –set;, film and television; animation), Socio-Cultural Activities (arts management).


Yerevan State Institute of Theatre & Cinematography (YSITC)

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