Laokoon Film Group Ltd.

About the Company

Production company

Laokoon Filmgroup is a young generation production company founded by Gabor Sipos and Gabor Rajna. It focuses on the development, and production of high-quality auteur feature films, creative documentaries and shorts. There are three producers in the
company: Gabor Sipos and Judit Stalter do project development, applications and take part of European cinema having International
network. Gabor Rajna is line-producing all projects, and runs the company. Laokoon concentrates on co-productions with both International and Hungarian partners. Gabor Sipos is ACE member, Judit Stalter is MegaPlus member. Their upcoming short film the Beast by Attila Till is premiered in Quinzaine Section in Cannes 2011. Overborder, an other short film, was premiered in Venice Corto
Cortissimo in 2004, the first film of Arpad Bogdan, Happy New Life was in Berlinale, Panorama in 2007 (and got a Special Mention) and
Toronto, and their national co-production Tender Son - The Frankenstein Project by Kornel Mundruczo was in Competition in
Cannes, 2010.


Laokoon Film Group Ltd.

Balzac utca 37.
Budapest, HU
fax: +36 135 40 492
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