Czech Republic

Asociace českých filmových klubů

About the Company

Association of Czech Film Clubs unites more than 120 film clubs and arthouse cinemas and 20.000 members all across the Czech Republic. Acquisition activities include distribution of 10 new widely acclaimed arthouse films to Czech cinemas every year. ACFC organizes an important event, Summer Film School in Uherské Hradiště, the biggest non-competition film festival in CR, and Project 100 which presents archive and classic films. ACFC provides support to film clubs with their activities and also runs a film archive containing more than 120 active titles and even more film prints. ACFC presents the Annual Award for the Best film of the year and to unique guests of Summer Film School festival. One of the key activities is project CinEd, focused on developing film literacy.


Asociace českých filmových klubů

Nám. Míru - Stonky 860
686 01
Uherské Hradiště, CZ
phone: +420 572 501 989
fax: +420 572 501 400
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