Holland Film Meeting Co-production Platform

About the Company

The Holland Film Meeting Co-production Platform (formerly the Netherlands Production Platform) is the co-production market of the NFF.
Its selection comprises approximately twenty brilliant, entertaining and thought-provoking projects, all ripe for co-production, ready to be presented to some of international cinema's most important and influential financiers, distributors, sales agents and co-producers.
The aim of the HFM Co-pro Platform is to encourage co-production collaboration between the Netherlands and other countries, especially those with a similar production capacity. Only feature-length films suitable for co-production, with a minimum duration of 70 minutes and with local financial support in place, are eligible for HFM Co-pro Platform selection.


Holland Film Meeting Co-production Platform

Vanja Kaludjercic - Head of HFM Holland Film Meeting
P.O. Box 1581
3500 BN Utrecht, NL
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