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About the Company

VERZIO International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is organized by OSA Archivum and Verzio Film Foundation in Budapest, Hungary. VERZIO festival aims at highlighting human rights issues and bringing to the broad public powerful documentary films that go beyond the usual media coverage of current social and political affairs. The films address a wide range of issues affecting international affairs today: civil conflicts; war crimes; terrorism; political repression; free media; minorities; acceptance and tolerance versus exclusion, nationalism and racism; equal opportunities, women's rights, trafficking, domestic violence; child abuse. And though much of the subject material is serious, sometimes even tragic, the films are also infused with hope and the conviction that committed people can make a difference. Screenings are accompanied by debates with filmmakers, journalists, and film scholars. Hungarian and English are the two official languages of the Festival. VERZIO is also involving Budapest students in the project by organizing morning screenings and follow-up debates for high schools. By encouraging tolerant intercultural communication, the project works to remove prejudices and the negative effects of extremism, racism, national intolerance and xenophobia. There is no entry fee for applications to the Verzio Film Festival and no restrictions on the production date.


Verzio Doc Film Festival

Arany János u. 32.
Budapest, HU
fax: + 36 1 327 3260
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