Czech Republic

One World - International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

About the Company

One World is the largest human rights documentary film festival in the world held in Prague and other 35 towns in the Czech Republic. It presents documentaries on social, political, environmental and media issues, includes Q&As, panel debates, VR and social impact projects, screenings for schools. Outreach film distribution program Get Your Audience! gives opportunities to the general public to organize screenings in their communities. One World assists to newly established festivals (eg. in Nicaragua, Hong Kong) and cooperates with Human Rights Film Network and Green Film Network, and organizes One World in Brussels. Festival is a networking point for industry professionals since East Doc Platform is organised by the Institute of Documentary Film during One World.


One World - International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

Šafaříkova 17
120 00
Prague 2, CZ
phone: +420777782083
fax: +420 226 200 401
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