21114 - Film fest

About the Company

21114 Film fest is an annual festival in Novi Sad, Serbia. Tucked away in the Novo Naselje neighbourhood, this festival is loved and cherished by the local community, local and regional film makers, enthusiasts and artists.

The festival is specific for the involvement of the local community, their active participation, as well as the use of open, public, semi-public and private spaces in Novo Naselje, which are transformed into cinemas for 4 days during September.

Concept and main purpose is to promote and nurture community participation and decentralization while supporting film makers around the region.

21114 Film fest is home to new, relevant films, both short and long meter. On the first day of the festival, short meter films from the region (former Yugoslavian countries) compete for the award „Novonaseljski zlatni čep" (Novo Naselje's Golden bottle cap), awarded by the audience.

International selection of short socially engaged films does not belong to the competitive part of the festival, but it gives the audience a unique view of the events around us, as well as the opportunity to, through the eyes of foreign authors, gain a new vision of the world. We are ready to watch films made not later than 18 months before our festival.

The "Animated shorts" selection is new at our festival. Oragnisation behind the festival - Novo kulturno naselje has started work on three animated films during the previous years, where along with the production we met a wider network of authors and interested audiences, therefore, at the "21114 Film Fest" we plan to show our first animated movie. The application for this selection is open to filmmakers from the region, but also to international authors from all over the world. This year, the "Animated shorts" selection will not be awarded so we expect films made anytime.

In addition to the mentioned selections, this year we will also present the Trešnja fest selection, created by "Trešnja" podcast that will host your thrash films. Selector Igor Kovačević will choose the craziest and most shy videos that often don't see the light of day and lie shelved in personal archives. This is a safe zone, where everyone will have a good time with a large number of "thrash" films submitted through the open call.
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