Czech Republic

Ex Oriente Film

About the Company

Training programme for Central and East European creative documentaries.

Ex Oriente Film is an international workshop of creative documentary film that supports the development and funding of creative documentary films in the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe. During three sessions that take place over the course of one year, filmmakers and producers receive assistance from experienced European producers, directors, trainers, AV experts and TV commissioning editors in order to develop their story, draft a financing strategy for their project and find international partners. In addition to its focus on storytelling, practical content and individual tutoring for specific projects, the training programme also includes lectures on the basics of European audiovisual market (legal and economic aspects) and on the strategies of independent production companies currently operating across Europe. Participants are encouraged to attend some of the major international industry events as their participation is supported by a small scholarship, consultations and assistance with networking. Ex Oriente Film leads into the East European Forum, a pitching session for East European Creative Docs.


Ex Oriente Film

Štěpánská 14
110 00
Praha, CZ
phone: +420 224 214 858
fax: +420 224 214 858
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