Yle - The Finnish Broadcasting Company

About the Company

Yle, is the national public service broadcasting company in Finland with duties laid down by law. Yle operates 4 national television channels, 6 radio channels, and growing internet service. Yle ranks first in television viewing in the country. Yle is the main purveyor and producer of domestic culture, and 48% of its television programs are made in Finland. Yle is a limited company mainly owned by the Finnish state and principally financed through television fee revenues. Yle is a media company free from commercial and political affiliations, and its programs carry no advertising. Yle was established in 1926 and joined EBU, the European Broadcasting Union at the very beginning in 1950.


Yle - The Finnish Broadcasting Company

Yleisradio Oy, Radiokatu 5
Helsinki, FI
fax: +358 914 803 216
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