Czech Republic

Film & Sociology

About the Company

Production company Film & Sociology has been active for 29 years. Film & Sociology collaborated with the leading Czech documentary filmmakers - Helena Trestikova, Miroslav Janek, Pavel Stingl, Vera Chytilova, Viliam Poltikovic and Pavel Koutecky. Film & Sociology is the producer of the films Citizen Havel and Olga, both awarded Czech Lion for the best Czech documentary films of 2008 and 2014. The company is also the co-producer of the films Okhwan´s Mission Impossible, Felvidek.Caught in Between and Bohemian is All Greek to Me.


Film & Sociology

Pod Zvonařkou 10
120 00
Prague 2, CZ
phone: +420 774 442 435
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