ZagrebDox Pro

About the Company

As in previous years, ZagrebDox, the international documentary film festival, is organizing ZagrebDox Pro for authors and producers of documentary films. ZAGREBDOX PRO is a six-day programme that includes a four day workshop and a pitching forum on the fourth day for twelve documentary projects in various phases of development/production and on the fifth day THE INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION DAY dedicated to networking. During that day, participants are going to have individual meetings with decision makers (TV editors, distributors, producers, representatives of film funds) and scriptwriting advisors. Leena Pasanen and Stefano Tealdi are the workshop facilitators and Pitching Forum moderators.


ZagrebDox Pro

Nova Ves 18
10 000
Zagreb, HR
phone: +385 148 548 21
fax: +385 148 548 23
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