Factum Documentary Film Project

About the Company

Factum is the biggest and most important independent documentary production in Croatia and unique organisation in the SEE Region. From 1996, when it was founded, Factum produced some 50 documentaries that were shown on more than 70 festivals all over the world. Factum films repeatedly win major domestic awards (including four best producer ones) and some were very successful internationally. They deal mostly with human rights, social and other issues dealing with contemporary Croatia and the region. Most of Factum's filmmakers are young ones creating their first or second film here. Also, Factum is a production with the highest number of women directors in the country. Apart from producing films, Factum and its founder and leader, Nenad Puhovski became synonym for the constant struggle for


Factum Documentary Film Project

Nova Ves 18
Zagreb, HR
phone: +385 912 828 015
fax: +385 148 46 180
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