Dellfina Dellert


Dellfina Dellert

director, visual artist

Dellfina Dellert is a documentary film director, multidisciplinary artist, art therapist, and journalist, working in the field of psychology. She is a „Co-author of the post #metoo book: "Crime and Sex.Who are young sex offenders and how”, ( Agora, 2019); Co-creator of the documentary series about Polish queer performers "Naked.Loud.Proud." (HBO Max, 2023); Co-founder of the first online social networking service for women focused on exploration and development of their sexuality (Femmera, 2012-2014), supported among others by Betty Dodson and Cindy Gallop.

In her art she works on the border between psychology, philosophy and spirituality. She is strongly inspired by a depth psychology of C. G. Jung. Very often she uses her own body as a medium. Between 2001-2009 she collaborated with a Swedish artist Thomas Dellacroix (Self portraits of others). Dellfina has lived and worked in London, Barcelona, Stockholm and Paris. Currently she is based in Warsaw - her home town.

Selected exhibitions: Lucie Foundation, Los Angeles; Houston Photography Center; Łaźnia Center for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk; BWA Gallery Warsaw; Debora Zafman, Gallery, Paris; Ricart Gallery, Miami; Fomento de las Artes y del Diseño, Barcelona; Berlin Museum of Digital Art; Sundsvall Museum of Photography; Kowasa Gallery, Barcelona; PM Gallery Madrid/Barcelona; Final Gallery, Malmö; the Art-DC Convention Center in Washington, DC; Art Paris, Grand Palais.
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