Dalia Neis

United Kingdom

Dalia Neis


Dalia Neis is a writer, filmmaker, and sound artist living in Berlin and Salford. She has recently completed her PhD on cinematic representations of wind and the essay form. Apart from making experimental film-essays, she is also part of the expanded cinema, experimental musical/poetry group, FITH (as Dice Miller), and co-founder of Wanda-Portal, an imprint that releases albums and radio shows, which traverse the cinematic, literary, and sonic spheres.


Sep 1999 - June 2000, FAMU Prague. 1998 - Stains - London Production. 1999 Romano Suno (Romany Dream). 2000 Bike Ride #1 - FAMU, Czech Republic, production (nominated at FamuFest). 2000 Miro Romipen (My Romany Being) - FAMU, Czech & Slovak Republic. 2005 Missing Meilich 2008 Goray 1648 2010 Charles Bronson is Ibn Arabi 2012 Saints 2017 Celluloid Corridors: Timehelix · Celluloid Corridors: Sermon
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