Diana El Jeiroudi


Diana El Jeiroudi

director, producer, script writer

Diana El Jeiroudi is an award winning documentary filmmaker born in Damascus and lives in Berlin. Her films encapsulate sociopolitical tensions and extend well over time as in her recent REPUBLIC OF SILENCE (La Biennale di Venezia 2021). As a producer, she’s most known for the Sundance 2023 title 5 Seasons of Revolution by Lina, the award winning “Silvered Water - Syria Autoportrait” by O. Mohamad & W. S. Bedirxan (Cannes 2014), and “The Mulberry House” by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Sara Ishaq (IDFA 2013).

Besides her vocation as a filmmaker, Diana has been awarded for her work in advancing the documentary film community and culture through her work in setting up the first documentary film festival in Syria DOX BOX and later in co-founding and managing the support organisation, DOX BOX e.V., in Berlin.

Diana supported several careers and talents over the past 20 years through producing award-winning films, and through the incubation and financing in DOX BOX as well as through tutoring and consultancy at international workshops such as Berlinale Talents, EuroDoc, The Circle, Docs by the Sea, Ex-Oriente, and IDFA. She led and published several studies on the documentary film industry and practice and she occasionally serves as a member of professional committees and juries, most notably The Cannes Film Festival Golden Eye Documentary Award.

Diana has been CEO of Proaction Film and No Nation Films since their establishment and she continues to work as an independent director, editor and screenwriter.

Diana is a member of The American Academy of Motion Pictures, Deutsche Filmakademie, Documentary Association of Europe, DOX BOX e.V. and the Asia Pacific Screen Academy.
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