Miroslav Janek

Czech Republic

Miroslav Janek

director, editor


Kateryna Kolcova is a person who could be called a dramatic artist of life. She can interpret any detail with unbelievable performance. Her mother reared her in hard living conditions. Although she did not know about her national background she was in touch with the Jewish environment. Her biggest dream was to become a singer. With the help of Radio Free Europe, she arrived in the Czech Republic and studied singing at Jan Deyl Conservatory for Visually Impaired in Prague. She fell in love and got married in the Czech Republic. As she says, her husband is the best of all. The singing of Kateryna Kolcova-Tlusta is very energetic and heartfelt. Her interpretation of Jewish folk songs will not leave you unmoved. Her beautiful deep voice has dynamics and colour, which surely makes her one of our biggest new musical discoveries.


Through rhythmic re-composition of fragmented images, semi-surreal situations are explored in a documentary style of observation of a man's obsession with a powerful animal, the black horned bull, and the Spanish process of taxidermy through which he attempts to embody its beauty and strength, turning into a Minotaur.
The subdued basement space in which the man meticulously studies the motionless flesh of the animal is preceded by a sunlit, empty arena in Spain, the stage in which the bull is presented in its full glory before facing man.
The film's sublime ritualistic pulse evolves with its protagonist's swelling obsession into a ravishing state where the human and the animalistic, reality and fantasy transcend.
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